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     Over the last few years I’ve had little cause to write much. I’ve drawn a lot of pictures, and I prefer that sort of work to speak for itself. Whatever I write nowadays usually contains only one hundred and forty characters. Often fewer. 

     But I want to talk about this. I want to talk about it because I’m excited. I am making a video game! If you’re even slightly familiar with my work, you’ll already know how absolutely, frighteningly, pathetically obsessed I am with the medium. If you don’t know my work, well, I’m obsessed with games. Absolutely, frighteningly, pathetically so.

      I’m also obsessed with making things, and I’ve already had the good fortune of being asked to make things for video games. But it’s always been tertiary; posters, promos, cover art. All fun things to make, certainly,  but I was always disappointed that I was never asked to really get my teeth into an actual game. All my requests to do so were politely refused; “why not draw a t-shirt for our store instead?” “How about a promo poster?”. I resigned myself to the fact that I would play games, and love them, but never make one.

      But now the call has come and it is both exciting and terrifying. I’ve joined a new game studio called Campo Santo along with Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman (Creative leads and writers on Telltale’s The Walking Dead) and Nels Anderson (lead gameplay designer on Mark of the Ninja). I’ve never been so passionate about a project as I am this, and I’ve never creatively clicked with a team so well as I do with Sean, Jake and Nels. But they are all proven in this field. I am not. 

I hope I’m going to be good at this. 

Wish me luck.

Wish us luck.

- Olly



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