>How Long Will My Order take to arrive?

This depends on the type of order. Limited edition runs should ship within a week of your order.

Timed edition runs are more complicated. We take as many orders as are made within the time window allotted, then print enough orders to meet demands. Depending on the volume of orders, this means your print may not ship for 2-3 months. 

Please read item description for a rough shipping estimate. 

Do you have any more (name of print I want) available?

If it's not in the shop, it's not available. You might be able to find one on Ebay. I usually tweet about things as they become available so you might want to follow me on twitter.

All of the movie posters and prints are strictly limited edition, unless otherwise stated. There will be no reprints of limited edition prints. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Please do not send me an e-mail asking about availability of prints that aren't listed in the store.